What are the top reasons to build muscle?

People have the illusion that muscles are simply tissues capable of lifting, pushing, and pulling, and thus there is no need to boost their capacity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our muscles play other significant roles in our bodies, such as stimulation of heat generation and body metabolism. It is, therefore, tentative that we strive to preserve and enhance their functionality and reliability always to perform efficiently. Hence, you can engage in the strength training, and the resistance training to build muscles for the following reasons:
1. Strength enhancement
Muscle strength is the motor behind us completing a multitude of tasks from simple tasks as picking a chair to us finishing a marathon. This capacity is measured in two ways- the ability to lift with a single contraction and the duration your muscles can sustain the contraction. Lifting more massive objects and lifting them for more extended periods each time will enhance the strength.
2. Reduced Injury Risk
Exerting tension on your muscles impacts your tendons as well, which are usually made of collagen and thus more rigid than our muscles. This rigidity makes tendons more prone to injury. You can diminish the risk through resistance training to develop tendon thickness and thus their resistance to injuries.
3. Improved coordination
Muscle contractions engage our nervous system enabling the muscles to respond. Resistance training improves the response rate of our nerves, allowing you to coordinate movements. Consistent workouts teach the nervous system to turn on and off as needed affording you sufficient mobility across different tasks.

If you are considering building muscles either as a professional or merely to enhance your strength, weight training is the most effective route to achieve this. However, as a beginner, the dos and don’ts of bodybuilding are usually vague. Unfortunately, this ambiguity may make efforts to reach your strength goals counter-effective. Hence, it is essential to know of the common mistakes made by weight lifting beginners to help you get the most from workouts.
1. Overtraining
Gaining muscles and overall body fitness is a beautiful feeling. Due to the excitement it arouses, it may result in beginning lifters training continuously and aggressively for long hours with no days off. Contrary to the presumption starters have, with weight training, less is usually more. The reason being muscles grow more during rest as this is when the repair of torn tissues takes place.
2. Training with No Plan
Fitness is a goal like any other, and thus you ought to take a similar approach as with any other- have a plan. A big mistake most beginners make is walking to the gym with no strategy and, worse yet, proceeding to work every muscle with no motive. This lack of focus has you working the same muscles over and over as there is no vision for progression.
3. Disregarding Warmups
Stretching and warming up is mandatory for every physical exercise bodybuilding included. Warming up should be equivalent to the nature of the target workout. Hence, weightlifting requires comprehensive stretching including running and movement. Such warmups prepare the body for the tension that lifting will exert on the tissues, significantly reducing the risk of injury.
Weightlifting is exhilarating, and we all endeavor to do it in the best way. However, we are human and prone to vulnerabilities. Unless we avoid various mistakes during this process, we could end up injured, or without the results we so desire.
In this light, we explore some of the most common mistakes when lifting weights.

• Lifting way too heavy
In most cases, beginners might end up lifting more weight than they need to. Usually, it would be best for you to consider starting with the minimum, and keep adding as time goes by. Otherwise, it could compromise our growth and health in the long run.

• Cheating
Did you know that cheating in your workout could end up being one of the costliest mistakes? It often happens when you start lifting weights that are relatively too heavy for you. While at it, you should avoid sticking to the same number of reps. Take the time to change the number of reps as time goes by.

• Skipping your induction
Have you ever been tempted to start something, yet you know no basics? Well, this is something you should avoid when lifting weights. Take the time to perform these movements correctly. This move will help in preventing various injuries as well as health problems.

• Overtraining
One of the biggest mistakes that one could commit when lifting weights is overtraining. Usually, whenever you abuse weight lifting will have a toll on your nervous system. It will be vital to note that too much training could tear your muscles. Besides, avoiding this aspect will help in repairing your tissues in the long run.

Taking the time to understand some of the mistakes that a beginner could be vulnerable to will always be essential. This move will ensure that you attain better results and avoid mistakes too.


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