Biggest mistakes beginners make in weight lifting

What are the biggest mistakes beginners make in weight lifting?

Beginners are quite excited about getting their muscles pumped up. As they start, they have goals about the results they want after hitting the gym and working out tirelessly but make some mistakes quite unknowingly. These mistakes may include:
1. Follow a haphazard routine
Most beginners make the mistake of getting too anxious about gaining some muscles. Most do not want to embrace the progress and see the results from it. As you start, having a workout plan is quite essential. You need to embrace that that six-pack will not come from no well-planned work out program. Fitness will require you to have a plan that you follow to the latter so that those results that you desire will be a reality. You can engage your gym instructor so that they may outline or give you a workout plan for the perfect muscle building.

2. Ignore body signs
You should always check on how your body responds to your work out. As you are training, you need to ensure that your body is quite comfortable in all the workouts that you do. If you happen to rapture some muscle often as you work out, you should know that that routine is not for you. Do not ignore the fact that your body will not accommodate all work out plans or heavy lifts. Also, apart from those that do not auger well with you, look at for those bodybuilding and muscle exercises that fit your body. Do not ignore them as they should be your motivation instead to get the desired results you need after hitting the gym.

3. Diets
Working out will require you to stick to your diet. Most starters will ignore the fact that the body responds to what you feed it. As a muscle builder proteins should be your main diet. However, do not overlook the fact that the other nutrients are essential for your body needs them for different functions. Stay hydrated and avoid as much as possible junk. Cheating will lead you to no results and, therefore, be disciplined as much as possible if you aim at building some muscles.


If you are considering building muscles either as a professional or merely to enhance your strength, weight training is the most effective route to achieve this. However, as a beginner, the dos and don’ts of bodybuilding are usually vague. Unfortunately, this ambiguity may make efforts to reach your strength goals counter-effective. Hence, it is essential to know of the common mistakes made by weight lifting beginners to help you get the most from workouts.
1.    Overtraining
Gaining muscles and overall body fitness is a beautiful feeling. Due to the excitement it arouses, it may result in beginning lifters training continuously and aggressively for long hours with no days off. Contrary to the presumption starters have, with weight training, less is usually more. The reason being muscles grow more during rest as this is when the repair of torn tissues takes place.
2.    Training with No Plan
Fitness is a goal like any other, and thus you ought to take a similar approach as with any other- have a plan. A big mistake most beginners make is walking to the gym with no strategy and, worse yet, proceeding to work every muscle with no motive. This lack of focus has you working the same muscles over and over as there is no vision for progression.
3.    Disregarding Warmups
Stretching and warming up is mandatory for every physical exercise bodybuilding included. Warming up should be equivalent to the nature of the target workout. Hence, weightlifting requires comprehensive stretching including running and movement. Such warmups prepare the body for the tension that lifting will exert on the tissues, significantly reducing the risk of injury.



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